Customized Facial- 60 Minutes- $115.00

This treatment includes steam, double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, analysis, mask, serum/moisturizer, UV protection, and an advanced face, neck, and décolleté massage.

Signature Rejuvenating Facial

Designed according to your skin’s needs, this advanced face and neck massage-based facial uses a variety of modalities to increase circulation and clear stagnation, moving out impurities from below the skin’s surface. The resulting cleared channels allow for movement of blood and fluid to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and qi (vital energy) to the skin. This transformative treatment includes any or all of the following methods of massage: Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), astecc Connective Tissue Manipulation (CTM), gua sha, Ayurvedic Kansa wand massage, Thai herbal poultice, and other facial/neck tools and techniques to achieve desired results. Also included are a deep, double cleansing, an exfoliation, a restorative mask, and a hydrosol and serums to seal in the radiance. This treatment does not include extractions. This is a focused meditative facial that works best with relaxation and fluidity. We first witness lifting, contouring, and reduced puffiness. The draining of impurities begins to bring clarity. With continued, timely treatments, concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, congested pores, and dark circles under eyes are diminished.

Your required initial visit includes a 20- to 30-minute consultation and a 90-minute facial, plus a home care tool with instructions (gua sha or roller) and a facial serum sample. Beyond your initial visit, you are welcome to choose from a 90- or 120-minute facial for regular treatments. Because the results are cumulative, and we can start focusing on specific areas of concern once a rhythm is achieved, it is recommended that you receive a treatment at a maximum of every 30 days.

*For those receiving monthly treatments, you are rewarded with the option to book 45-minute maintenance treatments to enhance the results you have achieved. Please do not book if you did not receive your last full treatment within the past 30 days.

Initial Visit- $240.00 Future Visits- 90 Minutes- $185.00, 120 Minutes- $230.00 45-Minute Maintenance- $130.00

Heart and Spirit Facial- 90 Minutes- $185.00

An exclusive Laurel Skin ritual, featuring vibrant whole plant skin medicine, customized with your wishes and needs in mind. The organic and biodynamic flowers and herbs offer antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients as food for the skin. The plants stimulate lymphatic and circulatory movement, and when married with advanced massage techniques, the skin is revitalized and radiant. You will enjoy meditative aromas and sensations as you are enveloped in plant oils, plant essences, and gemstone essences. With the inclusion of a gentle Gua Sha massage for the face and upper body, and a jade comb providing a delicate scalp massage, your skin and senses are lulled into deep relaxation, which is beneficial for the unimpeded delivery of nutrients, oxygen and vital energy to the skin. Let the outside world melt away as you are taken on a renewing, spiritual journey.

*Laurel Skin’s organic and biodynamic ingredients are primary sourced locally, from artisan farms within 100 miles of their Sausalito, California studio.

*New!* Heart and Spirit Maintenance Facial- 45 Minutes- $100.00

Just like the Heart and Spirit facial, this is an exclusive Laurel Skin treatment that allows you to experience the alchemy of your skin through a purifying double cleansing, exfoliation, your skin’s requested mask, and advanced massage. The radiance is sealed in with an elixir and a serum intuitively matched to your precious skin. An eye and lip treatment offer a lush finishing touch. Light extractions are included if needed, yet our goal is a meditative treatment through rhythm and flow, choreographed uniquely for you.

Honua Hawaiian Escape Facial- 60 Minutes- $130.00

Choose ‘Aina for invigorating and detoxifying or Moana for hydrating and brightening. This exclusive Honua treatment brings the power of Hawaiian healing botanicals to nourish, brighten, and renew the skin. With infusions from indigenous plants, such as spirulina, ni’oi (Hawaiian chili pepper), seaweed, hibiscus, olena (turmeric oil), noni, and kukui nut oil, your skin will connect with Mother Nature and the healing, loving, abundant care which she intends for your well-being. This treatment includes all the steps of my Customized Facial, exclusively using Honua Hawaiian Skincare and my custom-blended, natural massage oils.

Pore Purifying Facial- 75 Minutes- $140.00

Designed to banish blemishes and clarify pores, this facial includes deep cleansing, extra extraction time, steam, exfoliation, analysis, mask, serum/moisturizer, UV protection, and an advanced face, neck, and décolleté massage. For a more intense refining treatment, an addition of a chemical peel is recommended. We can discuss your goals to create a treatment plan to achieve the best results customized just for you. See upgrades below.

Maintenance Facial- 30 Minutes- $85.00

For a glow on the go, this treatment includes steam, double cleansing, exfoliation, analysis, serum/moisturizer, and UV protection. Light extractions are included if needed.  

Age Defying Facial Package- 90 Minutes- $215.00

The ultimate facial renewal and hydration treatment! This package includes steam, double cleansing, your choice of Vita Brite Vitamin C and enzyme or Green Power Rebuilder herbal peel, extractions, analysis, lip and eye rescue treatments, hand hydration treatment, mask, serums, moisturizer, UV protection, and an advanced face, neck, and décolleté massage.  

Back Renewal Treatment- 45 minutes- $90.00

Perfect for special events or for those in need of decongesting the pores, this treatment includes deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, analysis, extractions if needed, detoxifying clay mask, and serum/moisturizer.  

Facial Upgrades

Lip Rescue Treatment for $15.00  

Eye Rescue Treatment for $15.00  

15 Minutes of Extractions for $25.00  

Hand Hydration Treatment for $10.00

Gua Sha- 40 minutes for $90.00

Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Massage- Approx. 20 minutes for $45.00


Face for $40.00

Neck, Chest, and Décolleté for $50.00

Chemical and Enzyme Peels

For face

TCA for $115.00

TCA upgrade on Age Defying Facial Package for $75.00

Salicylic Acid for $35.00

Vita Brite for $50.00

Green Power Rebuilder for $50.00

Retinol for $50.00

Jessner for $70.00

For body

Neck, Chest and Décolleté for $60.00

($75.00 for Vita Brite)

Back and Shoulders for $70.00 

($85.00 for Vita Brite)